Accuracy attracts new customers

Customer Name: 
Austin Construction
Products Used: 
Key Benefits: 
No more over/under loading of trucks
Attracts new customers
Ensures safe work practice
Protection from litigation
Summerville, South Carolina


The project

The customer operates out of the Campbell pit near Summerville, South Carolina, extracting sand for customers to use in construction. The sand is loaded into haul trucks using a CAT 330 excavator then transported to the final customer. 

The problem

The customer cannot accurately determine the weight of loaded trucks; therefore they are often over or under loaded. Due to their remote location there are no weigh-bridges (truck scales) nearby to check the weight of loads. Under loaded trucks increase the number of trips required and overloaded trucks can result in costly fines and increased wear and tear on the trucks. 
The major concern for the customer however, is that if a truck is overloaded and there is an accident the company may be held responsible. An accurate measure of payload on site is needed to ensure trucks are loaded to their maximum legal capacity and no overloading occurs. 

The solution

LOADRITE installed the X2350 on board scales on their CAT 330 excavator to accurately determine the maximum payload for each truck and eliminate any overloading.
The LOADRITE system gives an accurate read-out of the weight of each bucket being loaded regardless of the type of machine, operator, or material being loaded. It enables the customer to load each truck to its maximum legal capacity, thus reducing the number of trips it takes to deliver the same amount of sand to a customer.  
The placement of a printer in the excavator cab allows the customer to track the site’s productivity and doubles as a hard-copy of load information for final customers. Now the original load-out docket is accompanied by a print out from the LOADRITE printer that is time-stamped, dated, and details all the weighing information.

Accuracy attracts new customers

Since installation the customer has gained a number of new clients as a result of the accuracy they are now able to provide. The Managing Director of the construction company occasionally sends a truck to the nearest weigh bridge for verification of the LOADRITE payload information. Across 8000 tonnes of sand he found the LOADRITE data to be within 1% margin of error. “I am really happy with the accuracy and how easy it is to use” said one of the operators. This level of accuracy has attracted new customers that require exact weights. Not only does LOADRITE reduce costs for the customer, we are also increasing their business. 

Protection from litigation

By installing the LOADRITE system the customer ensures safe work practices are followed and thus reduces the liability of the company in the case of an accident. They are able to monitor safe loading and establish a chain of responsibility with the operator name being printed on every truck docket.

LOADRITE X-2350 on board scales

The LOADRITE X-2350 improves your productivity by accurately weighing on the go, and displaying the payload information on an easy-to-read monitor in your excavator’s cab or on a printer docket.

The X-2350 can deliver real financial benefits for any excavator loading application. The flexible feature set means it is suitable for common bucket excavator applications.