Efficient coal load out

Customer Name: 
Tangshen Kailuan Mining Group Corporation Ltd.
Products Used: 
Key Benefits: 
Accurately load trucks
Print receipts of load
Prevent overloading fines
Tangshen, China

The problem

The Kailuan Mining Group operates a number of sites around the world, including the coal mine in Tangshen China, where over 100 loaders shift 20,000 tons of coal per day. The Kailuan Mining Group has an annual operating income of over ¥250 billion.

The Tangshen site was looking for a method to provide all loads leaving their site an assurance they were legally loaded. Along with this information they wanted the drivers to be able to take a physical print out of this weight away with them to ensure accuracy of unloading. This would help reduce the chances of overloaded fines and provide greater accountability across the business.

The solution

Kailuan Mining Group spoke with their local LOADRITE distributor who recommend they install the LOADRITE L2150 indicator to allow them to load accurately, while also installing the LP950 printer in each cab, which would create physical print outs of each load.

The result

Following the installation of their loader scales and printers, the Kailuan Mining Group have been able to accurately load all trucks and trains. This ensures that any load that leaves their site is within the legal limit, eliminating the extra expense of overloaded fines.

“Our scales now allow us to load with speed and accuracy to avoid overloading fines,” Noble Court Chief, Tangshan Kailuan Mining Group.


With this is the ability to print confirmation of the exact weight for each truck. In cab printers allow the loader operator to give the printed docket to the driver once he is loaded. It also prints a second copy which they are able to keep for confirmation of their total load moved over a shift.