Fertilizer reseller gains 57% more revenue with accurate material management

Key Benefits: 
Flying T ranch adds 5% profit from Trimble inventory control solution
It is not necessary to have a loader operator on site to see the material being loaded by each driver onto the trucks
Napa Valley, California


Flying T Ranch operates in both Sacremento and the Napa Valley of California, USA. They specialize in reselling chicken manure. The ranch is owned and operated by Pat and Kevin Tenborg, reselling 20,000 tons of fertilizer per year.


Owners Kevin and Pat Tenborg weren’t convinced that material reported was accurate to actual tons and that tons to yardage conversions were accurate. Without being on site to supervise every load, they had limited visibility of stockpile inventory and discrepancies were common. Their John Deere 544G wheel loader was already fitted with a LOADRITE Force scale to weigh the 2-6 trucks per day of chicken manure as it was supplied.


SITECH West upgraded the loader scale to a LOADRITE L2180  loader scale and connected InsightHQ reporting software to accurately measure the amount of material being weighed and to give the owners real time data visibility. 

“The effectiveness of  the LOADRITE L2180 system was imperative to the profitability of our company. Not being on site to sell the material meant we relied on the purchaser to advise accurate material quantities, that was often questionable. With the L2180 and InsightHQ system it is not necessary to have a loader operator on site to see the material being loaded by each driver onto the trucks”  says Pat Tenborg, owner.

The L2180 loader scale was set up with a passcode that required the loader operator to identify themselves before operation. Then InsightHQ provided Kevin and Pat with visibility to see where the loader operator was working and total tonnage. While the LOADRITE Force scale provided the necessary accuracy, the newer L2180 provided connectivity to InsightHQ and the data features including user log in.

“The service that we have received with the system has been impeccable. The custom feature was exceptional. I would highly recommend the LOADRITE system for inventory control and increasing profitability!” Says Kevin Tenborg, owner.

With the Trimble system, Flying T ranch identified an additional 952 tons per month, or 11,424 tons per year for a 57% improvement in billable product, adding $40,000 revenue each year.

“Customer satisfaction all the way! InsightHQ made a huge difference in the overall operation of this business, having  total visibility of their entire operation at any given time allowed for a big increase in profits” says Levi Alverez, technician at SITECH West.

InsightHQ is management portal for your web browser or mobile device. It shows near real time productivity, availability and performance dashboards and reports for extraction, processing and load-out. InsightHQ provides visibility to respond to issues, optimize productivity, availability and performance in real time.
It provides access to live reports at your fingertips, with totals for each customer, product and machine. To view changes over time, you can adjust reports to suit either the shift, day, week, month or year.

Trimble LOADRITE L2180 loader scale connected to InsightHQ reporting and printer installed in-cab

Equipped with L2180 and InsightHQ, the John Deere 544 not only loads trucks, but also tracks inventory and operator performance.