Optimizing current resources is easy with Conveyor Belt Scales

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Identify areas for improvement
Stockpile visibility
Company-wide solution for productivity
Metz, France

The project

Vaglio operates a quarry near Metz, France which has traditionally focused on producing oolitic limestone, a product used for railway ballast. As a result of changing demands from customers Vaglio now wants to also supply limestone polypary. In order to do so, Vaglio needed to reorganize their entire production process.

The problem

Their entire operation has been established around supplying oolitic limestone. With eight units of fixed and mobile crushers working simultaneously in different parts of the quarry, reorganising the entire production process was a complex project. Vaglio requires a reliable and accurate measurement of production to ensure resources are optimized and supplying the two products is efficient and profitable.


The solution

The LOADRITE C1850 belt scale coupled with the INSIGHT software were the key tools in the reorganization of Vaglio’s processes. First LOADRITE installed the C1850 belt scale on the company’s main conveyor along with the INSIGHT software. “With the C1850 and the INSIGHT software provided by LOADRITE we could accurately measure our production” said Alain Beraut, Environmental and Quarry Development Manager. So impressed by their first scale, 15 days later the quarry had ordered 8 more scales and more recently they are looking at adding another 9 systems.

The quarry now has 10 conveyors equipped with LOADRITE belt scale and the INSIGHT software enables Vaglio to use the data from the scales to establish full production reports, which are fully configurable to their requirements. Some of their useful reports include total production, productivity of each conveyor, and multiple site comparisons.

“With the tools and the software provided by LOADRITE we can accurately measure our production, employing operating resources that coincide more precisely with the actual capacity of our production” said Alain Béraut. "The INSIGHT software from LOADRITE has given Vaglio the information needed to make effective and timely decisions about their production process. The knowledge gained from the LOADRITE system has allowed the quarry to adjust the flow of trucks, manage rolling stock, and review the positions of the various mobile crushing and screening plants."

The C1850 scales and INSIGHT software have been crucial tools in the reorganization of the quarries production, crucial in decisions regarding where facilities are located to what equipment is used. Before Vaglio installed the LOADRITE system they were loading a mobile crusher with an 80 t excavator. After the install they ran a comparison trial between the 80 t excavator and a 60 t machine. The data from the C1850 revealed that there was no difference in terms of total tonnage produced, loading efficiency and mobile plant utilization between the two machines, so the 80 t excavator was in fact surplus to requirements. “Instead of investing in a new hydraulic excavator 80 t, we purchase a 60 t machine that better matched our actual production and produced an equivalent yield” said Alain Béraut. Furthermore Vaglio was able to reduce its equipment from 35 machines to 30 by reorganizing them and filling the previously underutilized capacity, a saving of 4000 to 4500 litres of fuel per day.

Stockpile visibility

All the conveyors across the site that carry finished product have been equipped with C1850’s. By compiling their information with INSIGHT, the software produces detailed reports on weekly schedules and tonnages of the various materials. This gives the quarry an accurate measure of their stockpile at any point in time and allows Alain Béraut to estimate the stocks according to the orders and streamline the operating process.

A modular system for company-wide productivity

Beginning with one scale, Vaglio has made the most of the flexible modular system arranging the scales to be used where they are needed most. With the addition of INSIGHT, a modern communication infrastructure, and more scales as they were needed, Vaglio can continue to add scales and other LOADRITE products such as loader scales and excavator scales to gain entire site visibility and increase productivity in every aspect of their operation.