Victorian dairy farm

Customer Name: 
Russell Foote
Products Used: 
Key Benefits: 
Track weights
Manage supplementary feed
Victoria, Australia

The problem

Russell Foote has a 150-hectare dairy farm in northern Victoria,milking 335 cows. He had heard about the LOADRITE system from a friend in New Zealand “We looked at the system a few years ago but we weren’t ready for it. When we upgraded our tractor and loader recently the time was right to add the scales,” Russell said. Russell wanted to be able to ensure that his cows were receiving accurate and balanced feed.

The solution

Russell got in touch with Galesafe, who supply and support LOADRITE products in Victoria and together they decided to install the LOADRITE L2180 scale on his tractor’s front end loader

The result

LOADRITE Product Manager, Elliot Chisholm says “The LOADRITE on board weighing system for loaders was originally developed for mining, quarrying and construction applications but it has delivered significant benefits for farmers around the world."

“When supplementary feeding, consistent levels of feed to dairy cows is important to ensure they get the right amount of feed in terms of both quality and quantity to promote the optimum levels of milk production. Now we can feed the cows accurately by weight” comments Russell.

Russell Foote installed it on the tractor’s front end loader for an accurate, bucket by bucket measurement. "It allows the machine operator to see exactly how much material is in each bucket and how much they have moved in total, making it ideal on farms where feed needs to be measured out for livestock. For example, if you need to load a certain amount of feed, you don’t have to wait until you’ve moved the entire load to a weigh station or, worse, judge by eye, you know as each bucket load goes through where you’re up to.” 

“It means you don’t have to turn around and take any excess feed back to the pile because you can load the right amount from the start. This is particularly important when you’ve got different kinds of feeds, because pellets may weigh less than meal."