C2880 Belt Scales

Increase the profitability of your operations and monitor quarry performance, productivity and stockpile inventory with Trimble LOADRITE mobile conveyor belt scales.

The LOADRITE C-Series conveyor belt weighing system for fixed applications is specifically designed to ensure accurate weighing for fixed crushers, screeners and stackers. C-Series is not based on traditional conveyor belt scales - it has unique features like a rugged printer, direct delivery of reports to your email using cellular modems, weighing with chain idlers and tailor-made reporting, C-Series is unlike any other system on the market.

LOADRITE fixed belt scales give plant operators and managers a range of powerful tools to measure the actual production from screens and crushers, track final product stockpiles, analyze plant and machine downtime, and monitor loadout of trucks, port and rail and multiple conveyor belt scales.

The C-Series system takes LOADRITE’s 30-plus years of industry-leading mobile weighing experience and combines it with the latest technology for conveyor belt scales. The result is a reliable, accurate and affordable conveyor belt scale specifically designed to handle the challenge of accurate weight measurement on mobile machines.

Single belt solutions 

A single scale begins to give you visibility into your operation’s performance. Place either of the LOADRITE belt scales after your primary crusher and see your tonnes per hour, total tonnage, and average tonnes per hour, the time spent running empty or partially loaded, start time and stop time, as well as first load to last load. Additionally, placing a scale on your final product belts allows you to track inventory of your most crucial products, as well as identifying waste and leak points.


Full plant performance management

When you track your entire operation you can see every bottleneck, track every product, and know exactly what every part of your plant is doing. By measuring weight, downtime and the performance of multiple belts with the LOADRITE C2880 will allow you to track the actual optimal mode mix when planning production to meet sales forecasts.

Powerful reporting

Easy-to-read reports give you operational knowledge previously only available to automated plants with expensive reporting packages - though even those systems require belt scales to accurately work. Select from a range of pre-formatted reports based on your workflow. Simple tables and graphs show operations performance and plant availability. InsightHQ reports are a fraction of the cost of similar PLC or SCADA based reporting systems.

Feature / application



Number of scale frames connected per intergrator 2 4
Mobile machines with 1 or 2 scales Yes -
Mobile machines with 3 or 4 scales - Yes
Installation on 'fixed plants' - Yes
Connection of power meter, remote zero or clear - Yes
InsightHQ reporting Yes Yes
Compliance to industrial electrical standards - Yes
Included mounting hardware L-bracket IP 65 rated enclosure
# Communication ports 2 (requires Y-Cable for <1) 3
Support for analogue and digital outputs; Modbus   Yes
Power supply requirement 12 ~ 32V DC 88 ~ 264V AC 24VDC
Connections Connectors Screw terminals


How it works

  1. The integrator is the processing engine that converts signals from the load cells and speed wheel into weighing data.
  2. The speed sensor provides data to calculate belt speed, flow rate and total weight.
  3. Scale assembly measures vertical forces for an accurate weight signal to the integrator. 













LOADRITE printers

A standard report includes:
  • Date and time
  • Company name
  • Loader/operator identification
  • Onsite loading location
  • Required amount of product
  • Truck identification
  • Docket identification
  • Product loaded and total truck payload weight
  • Individual bucket load weights